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Privacy Policy: collects IP address, browser type, domain names, access times and referring addresses of visitors. We collect all information of our visitors for operating our services, update our services, fixed our next plan, come to know about present status, maintaining the quality of the service, security management and providing reports for relevant business purposes.

Confidentiality and Security

We consider your CV as a very confidential document and we have the full control over who can view it and whether or not.

The show option of your CV can only permitted by the searchable clients who had selected by you before post the CV. we give you the power to select your preferable clients and companies. Only who are selected by you can view your CV otherwise not. The selection of clients maintain by your own choice.

  • Your CV and other information is disclose to a company when you apply a job through Here your resume of MYEJOBSBD account and other information that your given during your job applications will be made available to the companies you are applying to.
  • An information access limit keep imposed on recruiters. We only permit to access limited personal information about you to employees which are needed to make contact with you. If any recruiter broke our terms and conditions, then we will immediately desist them from use of our services.
  • You are permitted to block any employer not to access or view your CV from database.
  • You may remove or edit your CV from our searchable database at any time from "Delete Resume" or "Edit Resume" options at MYEJOBSBD.
Email Resume

A MYEJOBSBD account holder can email his/her detail resume to employer with massage. You can also include external file during email to employers.

E-Mail this job to a friend

It is very easy to our users that they can easily recommend a job to their friends or relatives by using our MAIL-A-FRIEND service. By add an email address and click on send option we will send an email to your friend including job details description of selected job. We will not use your recipient's details for any other purpose.

Resume References

In reference section of your resume in is your personal and confidential asset. It will ask you for fill up the options with their names, telephone numbers, emails and position titles, relationship with you etc. This information will be enclosed as part of your CV and think that they recommend you.for the job and employers may contact them to get references. We will not use your reference details for any other purpose than the fulfillment of this service.

Online exam and aptitude test

You may take part of our oriented online exam and aptitude test. We offer it all the year round specifically on upcoming exam. You can check your result, previous results; you may understand your progress. Your result only you can see and highest and lowest mark as well.

Job Mail Service

We send them email included vacancies advertised and job details who register to Job Mail Service of our website. if you are interested in and the definition of requirement are matched with your preferred criteria like specific job titles, skills, organization types or other definition of the job you want. It will help you to find your preferable job and interested area. You can change your preferable area and chosen criteria at any time there is no limit or border to your freedom.

E-Mail Notification Services

Being subscribed of by your email address you will notify by through E-mail Notification service. We use your email address to send you the notifications you about Newsletter, workshop/Training, Third Party offers and Promotions, about job exam and aptitude test what you have requested before. You can subscribe and unsubscribe this services any time by following the instructions mentioned in each notification email.

Mobile phone Notification Services

When you subscribe to an mobile phone Notification, We use your mobile number to send you the notifications about job circulars, job details, and deadline of application, admit download deadline, about details of this job which you have requested in. You may subscribe and unsubscribe service or change your given mobile phone number any time. We are always concern about your mobile number security. It will never use in any Third Party offers and Promotions, your mobile number will keep very secure and being confidential. We will not use your mobile number for any other purpose than the fulfillment of this service.

Third-Party Tracking Technologies uses the Google Analytics tracking technology to track visits to our website other application as well certified by Google. It allows us to analyze the usage of our website and is merely for our internal use. And for making our service more users friendly both job seekers and employers.

Cookies and Other Tracking Technologies

A "cookie" is small text files that may be used, for example, to collect information about Web website activity. Some of our Web pages utilize "cookies" and other tracking technologies. Sometime it will mandatory for us because of analysis and justify how our website goes on. Some cookies and other technologies may provide to recall Personal Information previously indicated by a Web user. Most browsers allow you to control cookies, including whether or not to accept them and how to remove them. You can also control most of using ''cookie'' through your using browser.

By sitting of your browsers you may notify if you receive a cookie, or you can block cookies with your browser what you want to. But remember that if you choose to delete or block your cookies, you will need to re-enter your original user ID and password to gain access. We use cookies and other tracking technologies to serve you smoother and users friendly and improve website and great web experience. Your IP address might be used to track your location to provide you with various location based services and for our data analysis purposes.


Encryption, passwords, and physical security we use this types of tools to protect your personal information against unauthorized access and disclosure.

Opting out of E-Mail Notification Services

We allow users to opt-out of having Email Notification Alerts sent to them at any time.

Revision and updates regularly revises and updates its privacy policy and publishes changes to the policy at our website.